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Paturle Aciers is a European steel company based in France, specializing in the cold rolling, quenching, hardening and tempering of precision carbon and stainless steel strips. The high value added steel strips manufactured by Paturle Aciers are supplied globally for use in applications in a diverse range of industries, like the automotive industry, the medical instruments industry, label manufacturing, the paper and printing industry, the stone processing industry, to name a few.

A global leader in the manufacture of carbon and stainless-steel strips, Paturle Aciers offers steel solutions for markets and applications that are at the cutting edge of technology in their domain of expertise.

Today, we offer a world class product that meets and surpasses the most stringent specifications and yet, by virtue of the lean size of our highly specialized company, we offer a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. This is by way of steel strip products that are tailor-made to provide high value in precise customer requirements.


Strong and sustainable relationships.

At Paturle Aciers, it’s not just about developing and delivering high value-added carbon and stainless steel strips. Paturle Aciers believes in developing deep and durable relationships based on a strong code of ethics and mutual trust and confidence to build a shared and sustainable competitive advantage.

The best price to value proposition on the high value carbon and steel strip markets.

Paturle Aciers carbon and stainless steel strip products have an unassailable reputation for providing unmatched value in terms of performance. Yet, by virtue of its lean structure, flexible processes and operational focus on efficiency, Paturle Aciers offers an unmatched price to value proposition for its carbon and stainless steel strips.

Unbeatable flexibility in technical capabilities.

With a thickness gauge capability that begins at 0.05 mm and thickness tolerance capability that begins at 0.003 in both stainless as well as carbon steel strips, Paturle Aciers offers a powerful combination of scale and flexibility in its cold rolling and quenching capabilities.

Can engineer a product to individual client specifications.

Paturle Aciers believes in developing carbon and stainless steel strip capabilities as per specific customer requirements and believes that each customer is unique and has equally unique aspirations, needs and requirements. Therefore, Paturle Aciers adapts its product offering accordingly.



Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel

What Makes Us Different


At Paturle Aciers, we understand the value of time in a world where reactivity is fundamental to building a n advantage at all stages of the industrial value chain. So, be it the development of a new product or improvement upon an existing one, or simply a query or a question related to a delivery, Paturle Aciers’ team ensures a timely response on time, every time.


At Paturle Aciers, quality is more than just a philosophy. It is a state-of-mind that applies to its products as well as processes. Indeed, quality is the fundamental principle that transcends to every facet of the company and has a touch point in every aspect and sphere of the company.


Paturle Aciers consistently strives for excellence in the engineering of its carbon and stainless steel strip products. This constant endeavour for excellence in engineering is personified by the fact that Paturle Aciers is consistently a leader in its sector or segment of activity. Customers across the world, from Japan to the United States, place their trust in Paturle Aciers’ engineered steels for enhanced quality in their own products.


Paturle Aciers has a global presence spanning all continents and countries, ranging from emerging economies like India, Brazil and China to developed countries like Japan, United States and South Korea. With a highly diversified customer and product portfolio, Paturle Aciers is an export-driven firm that is well positioned in France to deliver to all corners of the globe.